Boost Mobile Wallet Launched May 2013 – First Prepaid Carrier to Offer Digital Wallet

Boost Mobile Wallet May 2013

Boost Mobile Wallet Launched May 2013

Boost Mobile Wallet by Wipit has launched! Boost Mobile is the very first Prepaid carrier to offer this unique service to their customers; a great time to be a Boost customer! This new tool will enable all Boost Mobile customers with Android smartphones to use their phones as a cash-based vehicle for accessing cost-effective financial services.

“Boost Mobile Wallet eliminates all the extra stops by enabling access to the same financial services directly from a Boost Mobile phone, in a safe, easy and affordable manner”

What is Boost Mobile Wallet by Wipit?

Think of this as your “digital wallet” or debit card on your phone. With this simple digital wallet app, you can pay bills, transfer money, load checks, and more. Boost Mobile Wallet was launched officially on May 17th 2013 under a BETA app. “Download Boost Mobile Wallet App for your phone on Google Play”

Where is Boost Mobile Wallet available?

As of May 22nd 2013 – this app has only been rolled out to Southern California and New Jersey. Throughout the remainder of 2013 – Boost Mobile Wallet will be made available to all customers.

Features of Boost Mobile Wallet by Wipi

  • Load cash to the wallet account at Boost Mobile authorized retail locations
  • Send money to more than 135 countries
  • Pay more than 3,500 billers nationwide
  • Top-up domestic and international prepaid wireless accounts
  • Transfer funds instantly between accounts
  • Load checks directly from the mobile phone with instant access to approved funds (coming soon)
  • Customers are also provided a reloadable Visa prepaid card that is personalized and linked to their Mobile Wallet account for ATM access and the ability to spend anywhere Visa debit is accepted nationwide.

Download Boost Mobile Wallet

Boost Mobile Wallet Launched May 2013

Let us know what you think about the New Boot Mobile Wallet!

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Best Faxing App for on Boost Mobile

Yes, it is true that the year is 2012 and we have e-mails, PDFs and no real need to send all communications via Mail (Snail Mail). When doing research on a the best faxing app available, we here at Boost Mobile Review were hard-pressed to find a reasonable solution. We have narrowed those apps down to one, to keep this simple. The main requirements being a faxing solution that worked both on PC/Mac and our Androids and BlackBerry devices.

Faxing on your Android or Blackberry on Boost?

When corresponding with various entities, such as the Governments, Credit reporting agencies, verification services and other businesses there will be times when faxing is extremely convenient.

Luckily, Boost Mobile users with a smart phone can now fax from their phones. After our research for the best fax app, we did find the most acceptable faxing solution that worked both dollar-wise and in functionality.

Best Faxing App for Boost Mobile

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What is the Best Faxing App for Boost Mobile Phones?

Most of the online faxing services we found tend to be very expensive and inconvenient. Many require you to make a minimum commitment of a year or pay a hefty monthly charge for your own fax number. Lets be real – how many people really need to pay for a fax service monthly? Unless you are conducting business regularly and working remotely, then there is not much need for an extra monthly bill.

By far the Best faxing App for Boost Mobile is PamFax. Offering users an option to Buy PamFax Credit for use On Demand at anytime and additionally they offer options for monthly plans priced fairly as low as $5.29/mo. Currently the minimum credit amount that be can purchased from PamFax is $13.38.

Each fax costs just .12 cents per page through most countries. This is an incredible rate and just the perfect solution for people who do not fax much, but want to have it available when needed. You can download the PamFax App for both Androids and BlackBerry on Boost Mobile.

Best Faxing App – Features:

  • Free Sign-Up
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • No Monthly Requirements
  • Mobile App works with all PDFs, Word Docs, and Scanned Items
  • On-Demand Service, Use it When You Need It
  • Send Cover Pages (Choose from Multiple Templates)

Best Faxing App for Boost Mobile

Faxing Recommendations for Android & BlackBerry Devices

When faxing a document, image, PDF, or any file really, please remember to send a Black & White document only. If a user chooses to send a colored document, whether that be a picture, chart, drawing or something similar, there is the possibility it will be illegible and unrecognizable.

Faxes are commonly retrieved with a physical Fax Machine and printed or received as an e-mailed PDF in some setups. Faxes do not send color other than Black and White, thus why it is important to keep this in mind when faxing anything and especially on your Android or Blackberry on Boost Mobile – don’t be disappointed.

Found a better Faxing App for Boost Mobile Androids and BlackBerry? Let us know!

Faxing Rates applies to these countries (12 cents/Pg):

United States, Aland Islands, Alaska, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guam, Guernsey, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Korea, South, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malaysia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, U.S. Virgin Islands, United Kingdom, Vatican City State (Holy See), Venezuela


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How to Use Boost Mobile Phone Number for E-Mail

Every Boost Mobile smartphone, which includes the Android and Blackberry phones, is eligible to receive and use their own e-mail address immediately. Receiving e-mail using your phone on Boost is simple and painless.

If you are one of those who has too many e-mails or would rather not give out your personal e-mail, you can just use your boost mobile phone number instead. It always works for an “on the fly” situation.

How to Receive E-Mail Using your Boost Phone Number?

Boost Mobile Phone Number as Email
Do Not Include Brackets “[ ]”

Using the integrated e-mail phone number from Boost is really simple. To test the basic functionality – we sent a few types of messages from another e-mail account (Yahoo/Gmail) with multiple attachments to our phones. Both attachments speedily arrived within seconds, no issues with downloading or viewing the attachments. A Boost customer may send nearly any attachment to the Boost phone number and download it for action.

E-mail Features Using Phone Number on Boost:

  • Accepts Nearly All Files (JPG, MP3, PDF, ZIP and more)
  • All Attachments are Downloadable
  • Use This Format To Receive E-Mail =

Boost Mobile e-mail may be used just like any other regular e-mail service. Messages sent to your phone e-mail are delivered in a raw HTML format, very functional in our opinion. Keep in mind there is currently no app to manage, store or organize email received directly to your phone number; this is pure and basic e-mail. Of course, you can save and forward messages as needed, overall this really is about convenience!

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Download HTC EVO Design 4G User Manual – PDF

Find the User manual for the HTC EVO Design 4G from Boost Mobile right here. The user guide is available in PDF form on our site for download. The HTC EVO Design 4G was released on May 31st 2012.

Download HTC EVO Design 4G User Manual

HTC EVO Design 4G User Manual for Boost Mobile

The HTC EVO 4G, released shortly after the LG Marquee, delivers solid on functionality and usability. The crisp and clear screen offers its user a noticeable difference in display.

As a Boost Mobile customer, be rest assured Boost Mobile has more surprises in the pipeline for new cutting edge phones. Look for more user manuals available on Boost Mobile Review.

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Download HTC EVO Design 4G User Manual

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Download Skype App for Video Chat on Androids & BlackBerry for Boost Mobile

Download Skype App for Android and BlackBerry on Boost Mobile

How many people do you know who use Skype? Skype was a big deal when it launched and still is! Skype for Boost Mobile customers enables a user to video chat on the fly with colleagues, friends, family and whoever else has Skype on their mobile devices.

For the most part it is great for business professionals, long distance communication, friends, classrooms, and more. One of the most exciting features with Skype is the fact that all-people can use it for free without charge. They do offer extended plans for anyone who wants extra features as well.

Download Skype App for Android on Boost Mobile

Social networking is easy with Skype for your capable Android on Boost. Users with front facing cameras will be able to video chat with Skype. If you now have an Android with Boost Mobile, Download Skype App for Android on Boost Mobile.

Download Skype App for BlackBerry on Boost Mobile

For Boost users who have a BlackBerry, you can Download Skype App for BlackBerry on the Boost Mobile Network.

Hop on board with the Skype train. This is a must have App for Boost Mobile phones. Of course, since Skype has been around for a little while now, there will be imitations. However, Skype is a solid program with great support behind it. Please feel free to send us a request if there are other apps you think are great.

Even though this is a site dedicated specifically to Boost Mobile – if you haven’t downloaded skype for PC/Mac yet, Boost Mobile Review recommends it for convenience.

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