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Boost Mobile Shrinkage – Review Shrinkage

Boost Mobile Shrinkage Details

Boost Mobile Shrinkage for 2012

Check out how Boost Mobile vs AT&T no-contract plans stack up against each other in our exclusive Boost Mobile Review.

Boost Mobile Shrinkage

How Boost Mobile with Shrinkage for $60 a month works

  1. Make 6 on time payments: $55
  2. Make 12 on time payments: $50
  3. Make 6 on time payments: $45

This plan only applies to Blackberry users.

How Boost Mobile with Shrinkage for $50 a month works

  • Make 6 on time payments: $45
  • Make 12 on time payments: $40
  • Make 6 on time payments: $35
  • At the end of it all my monthly bill costs about $65. Actually… I just made my sixth on time payment today, so my next bill should be $60.

    You may be wondering why my bill is larger than what the Boost Mobile Shrinkage details show. The short and not so sweet answer is due to taxes, which I wish there were much less of now a days. In Washington State, someday the recession juice will be over. Boost Mobile Shrinkage still saves me a bit of money, so I can not complain about that.

    If you have not already, learn the best way to reach Boost Mobile Customer Service in case you need to get a hold of them.

    Boost Mobile Shrinkage Benefits:

    • Boost Mobile Shrinkage Applies to all Unlimited Phone Contracts.
    • BlackBerry 8530 from Boost owners, as low as $45 a month
    • For any other phone with Boost Mobile, your bill will get as low as $35 a month.

    Boost Mobile Shrinkage is a program that spans a duration of year and a half until you reach the peak discount amounts. Overall if you like your phone there is absolutely no reason not to sign up for Boost Mobile Shrinkage.

    Remember, the payments do not have to be consecutive. Boost Mobile will not penalized you for a missed a payment on the due date. This means you can take as long as you want to start saving, which probably is now.

    Is Boost Mobile Shrinkage a worthy program? Does it help that this makes the cell phone market more competitive? Let me know what you think of this in this open discussion about Boost Mobile services.

    PS: I love Washington State 🙂

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    Using Boost Mobile Blackberry As Modem For your PC or Notebook

    Boost Mobile Review: Using your Boost Mobile Blackberry As Modem

    Before I became a Boost user, I used to ask myself the question, “Can I use my Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem for internet on my notebook?”. The short answer is, Yes.

    Utilizing a phone’s internet capabilities is important for many people when they are choosing a phone service. Internet usage on mobile devices is only becoming more common and is not going away.

    The ability to use your Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem should go a long way to help make your life with Boost Mobile service a more enjoyable endeavor.

    Here is a review on how to use your Boost Blackberry as a modem. You may use any Boost Blackberry phone as a modem on your notebook, PC, or Mac.

    Requirements to use Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem:

    • Blackberry Unlimited Plan – $60 as of June 2011 (If you Enroll in Boost Mobile Shrinkage – this gets cheaper)
    • Blackberry USB Data Cablefor connecting your Blackberry to your notebook, PC, or Mac
    • For Wireless Internet via Bluetooth – Your Notebook, PC, or Mac must have a Bluetooth USB Adapter
    • PDA Net by June Fabrics or similar program

    The Blackberry phones offered by Boost are the Blackberry 8330 or the Blackberry Curve 8530 by Boost Mobile – you may use either boost phone as a modem on your notebook, PC, or Mac.

    Quick Fact: At one time you could “jailbreak” your Blackberry 8350i and also tap into the internet, but this is no longer needed as Boost mobile recognized the demand to introduce Blackberry’s as an option when choosing a Boost phone.

    Users who purchased their Boost Mobile Blackberry brand new would have received a data cable that is compatible with your notebook or PC / Mac. If you purchased via Ebay or Craigslist – you can easily find these USB cables for your Blackberry online. Try checking out the links provided above or go to Pricewatch to start.

    If you do not choose to use PDA Net then check out Blackberry Apps and search for “Tether” to find similar programs. All of the software providers will prompt for payment because it is considered “shareware”. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 – $50 one time fee if you want to continue the services.

    Most programs will not force you to purchase the software, only haggles are pop-ups letting you know it’s time to purchase if you are still using it. If you plan to use it often – I would purchase the licensed version for support.

    That is basically it in a nut shell. As I said you may find other programs other than PDA Net out there, which can accomplish the same task of connecting your Boost Mobile Blackberry or other device to your computer(s). Look around the internet to see what you think would be best for you.

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    Reviewing Boost Mobile

    Reviewing Boost Mobile – The Important Stuff

    Below is an overview reviewing Boost Mobile and their pitch to consumers like us. This should give you an idea if Boost mobile is really for you or not. Depending on what you are looking for in a service provider is key. Boost Mobile offers economical choices , smart payment plans, and everything a typical carrier should provide you.

    • Boost Mobile is a part of Sprint’s line of Prepaid Contract Brands
    • 2011 J.D. Power Highest-Ranked Non-Contract Company in Overall Customer Satisfaction Performance
    • No Gimmick Contracts
    • Unlimited voice, text messaging, Web, e-mail, IM and calls to 411
    • Boost Mobile offers nationwide service on the Nationwide Sprint Network
    • Boost Mobile offers a selection of quality handsets from Motorola, Sanyo, Research In Motion (RIM) and Samsung
    • Boost Mobile Phones range from entry level to high end. I have spotted Boost Mobile stores and booths in some malls, although I do my shopping online after checking it out in person if possible.

    In addition to these generous service features, Boost Mobile Shrinkage offers a economical solution for loyal customers. This program is based off the “Longer you stay the less you pay” model.

    Reviewing Boost Mobile – it seems as Boost has just about everything you would want in your cell phone service provider. The best part without a doubt is the savings that go back into your pocket. Nice for a change.

    Liked what you have read so far? Find out how easy you can use Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem for your notebook or PC. I have provided you a simple overview that will get you connected in no time!

    Find more on Boost Mobile and check out the link below to get more Boost Mobile Reviews. Also if you have questions you are more than welcome to provide your comments, feedback, or suggestions.

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