Boost Mobile Shrinkage for 2012

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What you need to know about Boost Mobile Shrinkage 2012

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Boost Mobile Shrinkage is one of the most innovative strategies to convert current subscribers of annual contracts into prepaid customers. Someone in a room at Boost Mobile HQ imagined a cell phone contract that makes sense. What makes sense? A prepaid contract that gets cheaper if you pay your bill in a timely manner, with no obligations whatsoever.

In a period of 6 months/6 billing cycles after enrolling into the Boost Mobile Shrinkage plan and paying on time, you will begin to see a deductions from your bill. The amount of deduction amounts to $5 every six billing cycles. The next question one might ask would be, “Well how low can my bill go with Boost Mobile Shrinkage?”, which we explain below. Remember that after a total of 18 on time payments, you will receive your largest discount.

If you are liking what you have found out so far on Boost Mobile Shrinkage, be sure to enroll in a month to month Unlimited plan. Shrinkage only works with unlimited plans featuring Androids & BlackBerry. Included in this article are more details below about Boost Mobile Shrinkage and some common questions.

Boost Mobile Shrinkage Comparison

Making sure discount will be applied – Boost Mobile Shrinkage

The most efficient way to ensure proper payment is to pay over the internet with a debit or credit card OR over the phone. To pay over the phone you may buy a ReBoost card. Look for the cards at stores mentioned this article. Some suggestions to ensure proper discount, in the off chance anything goes wrong:

  • Keep track of payments online by taking a screen shots of your transaction on the web. E-mail this to yourself as an attachment for a copy
  • Keep track of payments over the phone or at a store by writing down the transaction number, date of purchase, and store. E-mail yourself a copy of your notes to keep the record

In the event you run into any trouble, such as not having your payment reduced we have additional help articles to guide you through that, however this should a rare occurrence as long as you pay the monthly bill timely at the arranged due date

Use the default windows snipping tool will work great for over the web transactions; it is easy enough for Apple users to do a screen shot as well. If your current phone sends e-mail you can easily enough text the transaction details to e-mail too.

Boost Mobile Shrinkage Phones (Androids & BlackBerry):

Boost Mobile Shrinkage is a fresh new idea

After Boost announced Shrinkage for unlimited plans, many other companies have stepped up and are competing with this growing arena of the mobile carrier prepaid industry.

Boost Mobile has some of the best Unlimited data plans compared to the “other” prepaid carriers. With the Recession still draining money from people’s paychecks, it is great to see prices go down for a change!

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