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Boost Mobile Shrinkage Details

Boost Mobile Shrinkage for 2012

Check out how Boost Mobile vs AT&T no-contract plans stack up against each other in our exclusive Boost Mobile Review.

Boost Mobile Shrinkage

How Boost Mobile with Shrinkage for $60 a month works

  1. Make 6 on time payments: $55
  2. Make 12 on time payments: $50
  3. Make 6 on time payments: $45

This plan only applies to Blackberry users.

How Boost Mobile with Shrinkage for $50 a month works

  • Make 6 on time payments: $45
  • Make 12 on time payments: $40
  • Make 6 on time payments: $35
  • At the end of it all my monthly bill costs about $65. Actually… I just made my sixth on time payment today, so my next bill should be $60.

    You may be wondering why my bill is larger than what the Boost Mobile Shrinkage details show. The short and not so sweet answer is due to taxes, which I wish there were much less of now a days. In Washington State, someday the recession juice will be over. Boost Mobile Shrinkage still saves me a bit of money, so I can not complain about that.

    If you have not already, learn the best way to reach Boost Mobile Customer Service in case you need to get a hold of them.

    Boost Mobile Shrinkage Benefits:

    • Boost Mobile Shrinkage Applies to all Unlimited Phone Contracts.
    • BlackBerry 8530 from Boost owners, as low as $45 a month
    • For any other phone with Boost Mobile, your bill will get as low as $35 a month.

    Boost Mobile Shrinkage is a program that spans a duration of year and a half until you reach the peak discount amounts. Overall if you like your phone there is absolutely no reason not to sign up for Boost Mobile Shrinkage.

    Remember, the payments do not have to be consecutive. Boost Mobile will not penalized you for a missed a payment on the due date. This means you can take as long as you want to start saving, which probably is now.

    Is Boost Mobile Shrinkage a worthy program? Does it help that this makes the cell phone market more competitive? Let me know what you think of this in this open discussion about Boost Mobile services.

    PS: I love Washington State 🙂

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