Boost Mobile Unlimited – Without data throttling?

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Boost Mobile Unlimited

What exactly is it about Boost Mobile Unlimited data plans that attract so many? Many users of Boost Mobile plans are younger, although this trend is broadening to older age groups. Part of this is due to the economy and consumers putting a tighter belt on their budgets

Anyone out there who actually has a Boost Mobile phone, can agree that they are waiting on the next surprise from Boost. Most notably, Boost Mobile customers want a true 3G Touchscreen. This is the piece of the puzzle missing in Boost Mobile unlimited repertoire.

The Boost Mobile Unlimited means:

  • As cheap as $3/day up to $60/mo (Blackberry Plans)
  • No BS system – no suprise bills or charges
  • Truly unlimited data usage – No data throttling (see: AT&T or T-Mobile)

Boost Mobile Unlimited plans will also be in close competition with other leading carriers. These days – you may not be really getting what you pay for as far as your phone and how up to date it is. Using the Boost Unlimted Blackberry Plan allows you to stay relevant in todays soceity – and have an extremely versatile and functional phone.

Boost Mobile Unlimited really means unlimited – you won’t get bogged down by usage restrictions. Boost Mobile should always allow their customers to have as much data as needed if you are in an area that has the capability. With the Boost Mobile Unlimited network you should not have issues receiving your 3G connection in most areas that your typical AT&T or Verizon phone would work in.

Read how Boost Mobiles shrinkage vs AT&T’s $50 unlimited data plan stack up against each other.

With the economy not doing well for many, unemployment, and bad phone contracts – the Boost Mobile Unlimited is a shining example of what many people truly want. This is the no-nonsense and straight forward type of “contract” people are looking for!

Do you agree? Let the world know what you think – please let us know your comments regarding Boosts Unlimited plans.

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