How to Use Boost Mobile Phone Number for E-Mail

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Every Boost Mobile smartphone, which includes the Android and Blackberry phones, is eligible to receive and use their own e-mail address immediately. Receiving e-mail using your phone on Boost is simple and painless.

If you are one of those who has too many e-mails or would rather not give out your personal e-mail, you can just use your boost mobile phone number instead. It always works for an “on the fly” situation.

How to Receive E-Mail Using your Boost Phone Number?

Boost Mobile Phone Number as Email
Do Not Include Brackets “[ ]”

Using the integrated e-mail phone number from Boost is really simple. To test the basic functionality – we sent a few types of messages from another e-mail account (Yahoo/Gmail) with multiple attachments to our phones. Both attachments speedily arrived within seconds, no issues with downloading or viewing the attachments. A Boost customer may send nearly any attachment to the Boost phone number and download it for action.

E-mail Features Using Phone Number on Boost:

  • Accepts Nearly All Files (JPG, MP3, PDF, ZIP and more)
  • All Attachments are Downloadable
  • Use This Format To Receive E-Mail =

Boost Mobile e-mail may be used just like any other regular e-mail service. Messages sent to your phone e-mail are delivered in a raw HTML format, very functional in our opinion. Keep in mind there is currently no app to manage, store or organize email received directly to your phone number; this is pure and basic e-mail. Of course, you can save and forward messages as needed, overall this really is about convenience!

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