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HTC EVO Design 4G – Coming to Boost Mobile May 31st 2012

First 4G Service Coming to Boost Mobile May 31st 2012

With this exciting news – Boost Mobile shows its customers they will and are moving toward launching more devices with dual 3G/4G capabilities in the future. Just announced yesterday from Boost Mobile:

“. . . HTC EVO Design 4G, a member of the award-winning EVO family. This robust Android smartphone will operate on Sprint’s 3G and 4G (WiMAX) networks, bringing 4G speeds to Boost Mobile customers in 71 markets across the country with average upload speeds between 3-6 Mbps with bursts of more than 10 Mbps.”

HTC Evo Design 4G by Boost Mobile

Will you get 4G service with Boost Mobile?

It is more likely you will not receive 4G service in rural areas at this time, however if your live in a major metropolitan area you will find spots that pick up the 4G. Most would not complain with 3G speeds, given they are fast enough; curious as to how the battery life responds when the phone switches between signals 3G/4G service.

As the trend towards 4G becomes more prominent – the serviced areas will expand. Keep in mind that 4G service will only be available to those who purchase the HTC EVO 4G Design from Boost Mobile, including future releases with 4G access.

HTC EVO Design 4G – What will it cost?

This phone comes with what many people “want” and also carries a price of $299. As we predicted, the LG Marquee is very nice, but turns out to truly be the “overpriced one” as we predicted. Why? For $20 extra, you obtain 4G capabilities and the new Android 4.0 OS, which is well worth extra money in our humble opinion.

Boost may have pulled a quick one launching the 4G HTC EVO Design shortly after the Marquee, but if you sign up with the Shrinkage plan for Android, you won’t have any reason to be that upset, your bill can get as low as $40/mo. Features of the EVO Design 4G by Boost you can look forward to:

    Featured Specs:

  • Camera: 5MP rear-facing camera/camcorder with flash/ 1.3MP front-facing
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Processor Speed: 1.2GHz
  • Screen: 4-Inch HD Touchscreen
  • Others: Video Voicemail & Hotspot WiFi (Hotspot additional $10 fee per month)

Inside Scoop

Some sources obtained the inside scoop before it was even announced. On our Facebook page, Richard McGrath commented about hearing of this, which I actually had doubted to begin with – sorry for letting you down on that one! Check out the HTC EVO Design 4G on Sprint for a preview.

Locations with 4G Access:

4G Lookup Locator available on Sprint website.

4G Service areas by Boost Mobile

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