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How to Use Boost Mobile Phone Number for E-Mail

Every Boost Mobile smartphone, which includes the Android and Blackberry phones, is eligible to receive and use their own e-mail address immediately. Receiving e-mail using your phone on Boost is simple and painless.

If you are one of those who has too many e-mails or would rather not give out your personal e-mail, you can just use your boost mobile phone number instead. It always works for an “on the fly” situation.

How to Receive E-Mail Using your Boost Phone Number?

Boost Mobile Phone Number as Email
Do Not Include Brackets “[ ]”

Using the integrated e-mail phone number from Boost is really simple. To test the basic functionality – we sent a few types of messages from another e-mail account (Yahoo/Gmail) with multiple attachments to our phones. Both attachments speedily arrived within seconds, no issues with downloading or viewing the attachments. A Boost customer may send nearly any attachment to the Boost phone number and download it for action.

E-mail Features Using Phone Number on Boost:

  • Accepts Nearly All Files (JPG, MP3, PDF, ZIP and more)
  • All Attachments are Downloadable
  • Use This Format To Receive E-Mail =

Boost Mobile e-mail may be used just like any other regular e-mail service. Messages sent to your phone e-mail are delivered in a raw HTML format, very functional in our opinion. Keep in mind there is currently no app to manage, store or organize email received directly to your phone number; this is pure and basic e-mail. Of course, you can save and forward messages as needed, overall this really is about convenience!

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Reviewing Boost Mobile

Reviewing Boost Mobile – The Important Stuff

Below is an overview reviewing Boost Mobile and their pitch to consumers like us. This should give you an idea if Boost mobile is really for you or not. Depending on what you are looking for in a service provider is key. Boost Mobile offers economical choices , smart payment plans, and everything a typical carrier should provide you.

  • Boost Mobile is a part of Sprint’s line of Prepaid Contract Brands
  • 2011 J.D. Power Highest-Ranked Non-Contract Company in Overall Customer Satisfaction Performance
  • No Gimmick Contracts
  • Unlimited voice, text messaging, Web, e-mail, IM and calls to 411
  • Boost Mobile offers nationwide service on the Nationwide Sprint Network
  • Boost Mobile offers a selection of quality handsets from Motorola, Sanyo, Research In Motion (RIM) and Samsung
  • Boost Mobile Phones range from entry level to high end. I have spotted Boost Mobile stores and booths in some malls, although I do my shopping online after checking it out in person if possible.

In addition to these generous service features, Boost Mobile Shrinkage offers a economical solution for loyal customers. This program is based off the “Longer you stay the less you pay” model.

Reviewing Boost Mobile – it seems as Boost has just about everything you would want in your cell phone service provider. The best part without a doubt is the savings that go back into your pocket. Nice for a change.

Liked what you have read so far? Find out how easy you can use Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem for your notebook or PC. I have provided you a simple overview that will get you connected in no time!

Find more on Boost Mobile and check out the link below to get more Boost Mobile Reviews. Also if you have questions you are more than welcome to provide your comments, feedback, or suggestions.

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