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Boost Mobile Customer Service – How To Reach A Live Person within 60 seconds

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Contacting Boost Mobile Customer Service

You will be able to get in touch with Boost Mobile Customer Service immediately when you finish this quick article.

So how do you reach a real live Boost Mobile Customer Service agent quickly? I will give a few tips on how you can do this with the least amount of effort and ensuring you do not spend anymore time necessary finding out how!

The Best way to reach Boost Mobile Customer Service:

Boost Mobile Sales Support Team @ 1-800-467-0890

  • Use the Boost Sales Support Team to speak with someone inside of the U.S and get quick answers

This is meant for post and pre sale support when purchasing a phone via Boost Mobile. You can ask them questions about your phone directly. I would say this is by far the best Boost Mobile customer service you can get. Try these guys out before posting on a review site – they actually do want to help you. At the end of the day the reason why you call will be completely up to you, of course!

The next Best way to reach a Boost Mobile Customer Service representative immediately:

The Boost Mobile Network Support Team

  • You will reach a live person immediately! I made it a mission to make sure I knew these numbers when I first started with Boost Mobile. Thanks in advance ;). Reach them @ 1-888-266-7848 then press 88 as soon as you hear the automated voice, followed by entering “10” when prompted for an ID.
  • The Boost Mobile Network support team should also be able to assist you in basic trouble shooting of your phone and any network service issues.
  • The Third way to get a hold of Boost Mobile Customer Service:

    This is a great way to let your thoughts be known. I would recommend not bashing them, but instead asking some real questions and reach out to them. Boost Mobile wants their customers to stay – they will be quick to reply. Don’t you just love social networking these days?

    The last option to reach a Boost Mobile Customer Service agent:

    Reaching Boost Mobile Customer Service Live

    This takes last place simply because it takes the longest to complete! I am not patient when it comes to getting support and remembering multiple steps in order to reach a person quickly. Also, most people can reach this easily by dialing “611” on their phones.

    Let me know if these tips worked for you so others can use this as well. Also let me know if it did not work – so I can update or add to this. Sharing is caring!

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