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Boost Mobile Apps – Top 5 Best

Boost Mobile Apps – The Top Applications for Boost Mobile Phones

Top 5 Boost Mobile Apps for Boost Phones:

Boost Mobile Apps Top ListThis Boost Mobile Apps list has not been derived from any official source, rather my opinion and experience with the most useful apps I have used. References to some sites that will help you along the way are near the bottom of this review.

Opera Mini:

Opera Mini revolutionized the mobile web practically overnight when it released this mobile web browser. Opera Mini was launched in early 2006 and from there it has simply out performed any other mobile web browser out there and also works on multiple platforms. When considering Boost Mobile Apps to download, this would be no-brainer.

Now that the tablet era has arrived – we will see how this changes the mobile browsing landscape. Interestingly enough, I have found many people still have not heard of Opera Mini before. This is a must have app if you are serious about using your unlimited data package to the fullest. If you want to blaze through the web on your smart phone by Boost Mobile – this is how you do it.

My first experience with Opera Mini:
“I actually first used this app with my Helio phone. If you haven’t heard of Helio before just ‘google’ it. At the time, Helio was a major game changer in the competitive prepaid wireless industry. It was later purchased by Virgin Mobile and I soon left my contract after a disappointing debut of the Helio 2” – Anthony

Google Maps:

Don’t get lost! Use this with most any 2G or 3G smart-phone. It works with all Boost Mobile Blackberry phones. I use this instead of the native GPS app that comes with my Boost BlackBerry.

Out of all the Boost Mobile apps out there – Google Maps is perfect for those who want to navigate around town easily or for those who don’t fair so well with directions.

Please make sure to have a car charger handy, however as this will drain your battery faster than you may realize. During a recent trip to Kona in Hawaii I used this heavily the first few days, which gave me some piece of mind when driving throughout the island.


What is the web without YouTube these days?! This is just a “must have” if you have any phone capable of 3G internet or even 2G in this case.


Okay, even thought “iHeartRadio” sounds like something a teenage girl would be raving about – this is one of the better radio apps for Boost Mobile Blackberry phones out there. iHeartRadio is actually fairly new to the scene and was introduced in 2008.

This Boost Mobile app gained success with some shows, such as The White House Brief with Paul Wescott – this is a political talk show featuring a young host. I have to admit I became a fan after stumbling upon the broadcast one morning.

Another radio show worth a shot is Mojo In The Morning – This is a pretty good radio show featuring radio pranks, war of the roses (cheaters type concept via live broadcasting), and top lists. I listen to this when I want to switch it up on my 60 minute drive to work every couple of days.

IM+ All in One Messenger by Shape Services:

IM+ Instant Messenger may actually replace the need for your twitter app, although I personally use mine for Skype mostly. This is extremely useful when working in a business that uses SKYPE to communicate. You can be available 24/7 on all your social networks.

Use all these simultaneously: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM , MSN , Jabber , Myspace , and ICQ. Send photos, videos , voice messages, and more using one of the most versatile Boost Mobile apps for smart phones.

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Are you using more Boost Mobile Apps that you think should have made this list? Comment below and let the world know!

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