Use Boost Mobile Blackberry as Modem for Mac or Macbook

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How to use your Boost Mobile Blackberry As Modem on your Mac or Macbook

Using your Boost BlackBerry or Android’s internet – you can power your Mac or Macbook through the internet. With the amount of money you can save with Boost Mobile, it is only obvious that any user would want to take advantage of the unlimited internet by Boost Mobile.

Requirements to use Boost Mobile Blackberry as modem on Mac or Macbook:

Boost Mobile Internet is decent once you get it up. You will not be streaming video online unless you have a WIFI connection or a 3G signal at 3 bars minimum. Although, some people will contend that Boost Mobile has poor reception in rural areas – I have been in quite a few “out of town”/ middle of nowhere and have maintained service.

For those with a PC or Notebook please read our article on how to use your Boost Mobile Blackberry as Modem for your PC or Notebook.

This is about the easiest way their is to get connected with Boost Mobile Internet via your Mac or Macbook. If you have another provider other than Boost Mobile, you may be able to connect via the Blackberry software that comes with the phone.

However you choose to use Boost Mobiles Blackberry or Android as a Modem for your Mac or Macbook is up to you. If you follow these tips above – you should be connected in no time – well just a bit ;). Let me know if this helped you out!

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